Please read the IP Holder's Terms and conditions. If you click 'I Accept', a notice will be sent to IP Holder confirming your acceptance to buy this intellectual property. The sale will however be subject to IP Holder's approval. If the IP holder approves, the sale will be legally binding.
IP Holder's Terms and Conditions for this offer
Buyer and Seller agree to the following definitions and provisions: 1. Definition of Intellectual Property 1.1 Buyer agrees to purchase from Seller the Intellectual Property described herein, and any rights, trademarks, etc., associated with said Intellectual Property. 2. Sale of Intellectual Property 2.1 Seller agrees that it has the authority to transfer this Intellectual Property, and further agrees that selling the Intellectual Property means that from the date of this agreement, Seller has no further claims to the Intellectual Property. 2.2 Seller agrees to transfer any and all rights to the Intellectual Property, which will give Buyer the right to, among other things, exploit the Intellectual Property for profit. Seller agrees that it has no further rights to the Intellectual Property, and it will not make any further profit, or any other kind of gain or benefit, as a result of a connection to the Intellectual Property, unless otherwise specified in the below paragraph. 2.3 As such, the sale price of the Intellectual Property will be paid via wire transfer to the Seller within 15 days of this agreement. 3. Transfer/Assignment 3.1 Seller agrees to provide Buyer with any and all documents related to this Intellectual Property, including any plans, written works, etc. This transfer/assignment shall begin upon the signing of this agreement, and shall be completed no later than 30 days past the signing. 3.2 Both parties agree that the sale of the Intellectual Property is their only business, and that it does not commit either to any sort of relationship other than that needed for this agreement. 4. Severability Should any portion of this agreement be deemed invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be removed from the agreement, and no other portion of the agreement shall be affected, nor deemed invalid or unenforceable. 5. Indemnity If Buyer is found to be in breach of this Agreement, the Buyer will indemnify the Seller for any legal fees accrued as a result of the breach. Lost profits incurred as a result of any such breach will be repaid by the Buyer.
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