Click to advertise with us: is an online marketplace to buy or sell inventions, intellectual properties, patents, copyrights or trademarks.  

Inventors can list their inventions, patents or provisional patents for sale; copyrights holders can list their copyrights for sale like videos, writings, poems, novels, stories, paintings, pictures, music, plays, choreography, motion pictures, sound recordings, architectural work etc.; trademarks holders can list their trademarks, service marks, certification marks or their collective marks for sale.
Individuals or organizations or investors can browse and with just a few clicks buy or license a intellectual property, patent, provisional patent, copyright or trademark listed for sale; and send message to the seller for approval. Upon approval, the sale is complete and binding.
Our mission is to flourish creativity around the world; to be able to connect people from different continents so that their inventions or intellectual properties like patents, copyrights or trademarks could be used to fullest potential.
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