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A purely mechanical camshaft system that allows an almost unlimited range of valve opening durations with all the duration range at full valve lift. More detailed descriptions are given below:
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An easy to remember, SEO friendly trademark with multiple possible uses. Can work for Public Relation services, online PR services, marketing, advertising, analysis services, analytics company, communications, strategic planning and many others.
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Born to the parents of Fred and Vera Daniels, Isabelle Daniels Holston became active in sports at an early age and throughout high school, Isabelle's dream was to compete in the Olympic Games. Before graduating from Carver High School in Jakin, Georgia, Isabelle competed in several track eve
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SBCaaS: Ready for market…a totally flexible software-only, infinitely scalable, multi-tenanted SBC application deployable anywhere and capable of ‘spinning up’ new SBC instances in minutes. On a global scale this is a new paradigm for telcos’ VoIP/SIP networking and cyber-security at a fraction of t