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A biometric immobilizer (200) for automobiles, comprising a bio-fingerprint authentication unit (20) including an embedded fingerprint biometrics processing unit (22) and a sensor (24) capable of capturing human fingerprint biometric pattern, and a flash memory (26) able to store biometric data and
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Unused and clean. Expiry:8/Feb/2015. The lump sum of USD19,000 if acquire all classes and territories of Relay.
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COPYRIGHTS OF VINTAGE 6 GREETING CARD DESIGNS FROM THE 1970S ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE. THESE CARDS WERE VERY POPULAR IN THOSE DAYS. Picture Postcard Greetings - May the Bells of Joy, Peace and Happiness, Christmas be yours today and throughout the New Year. Certificate of Registration Renewal of
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Balanko is a two player game where it tests your hand eye skills.Please feel free to Google balanko game us patent #6971648 b2