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Lot W110422-A - Circuit Design - The patents in this lot relate to electronic circuit design, including VLSI circuits. They relate to designs of logic gates, latches, synchronous and clock circuits. Exemplary Patent: US Patent # US6075386 relates to clocked dynamic logic gate that has rel
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Unused and clean. Expiry:6/Dec/2015. The lump sum of USD19,000 if acquire all classes and territories of Relay.
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Kezia Olivia Holston has won several awards that have gained local, state, and national recognition. When she was eight years old, she placed 2nd in a national K-Mart Art competition. During her senior year in college (1999), her work entitled Lord Remove This Burden received Honorable Mentioned i
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Balanko is a two player game where it tests your hand eye skills.Please feel free to Google balanko game us patent #6971648 b2