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Text-to-video software program that understands the meaning of the sentence and translates it into motion pictures, into separate scenes, portraying, visually, what was meant by the sentence or the text. Works only on sentences that can be represented visually. Available for English and German langu
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Unused and clean. Expiry:8/Feb/2015. The lump sum of USD19,000 if acquire all classes and territories of Relay.
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Kezia Olivia Holston has won several awards that have gained local, state, and national recognition. When she was eight years old, she placed 2nd in a national K-Mart Art competition. During her senior year in college (1999), her work entitled Lord Remove This Burden received Honorable Mentioned i
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Completely documented lean manufacturing simulation including all physical goods (thousands of parts to build real shop lights) for setup of simulated factory for 1-day training sessionThis hands-on course is a unique opportunity to experience the power of Lean Tools. You will become an employee of