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Networking - Patents for sale by Hewlett-Packard (HP). Offer expires 12/01/2011 4:00 PM PST. The patents in this lot generally relate to data communications and networking. In particular, they relate to common-mode attenuation in data communications and broadband communications. Patent(s): Pate
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RUG DOTS- Secure Grip- For use on any hard surface floor/ Keeps rugs smooth and flat. Skid-Resistant/ easy way to keep rugs in place. One size fits all. This product has aired on QVC .
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Born to the parents of Fred and Vera Daniels, Isabelle Daniels Holston became active in sports at an early age and throughout high school, Isabelle's dream was to compete in the Olympic Games. Before graduating from Carver High School in Jakin, Georgia, Isabelle competed in several track eve
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Balanko is a two player game where it tests your hand eye skills.Please feel free to Google balanko game us patent #6971648 b2